Upgrading to v5

Are you entitled to a free upgrade to v5?

If you have a current annual subscription license you are eligible for a free upgrade to v5. 

Also, if you purchased a v4 license on or after 1 June 2016 you are eligible for a free upgrade to the equivalent v5 package.

Single user upgrades

If you are entitled to a free upgrade, please contact us to obtain your upgrade.

This activation code can be used immediately and allows one activation per license. The upgrade activation code is valid until your current v4 license expires. You should deactivate your existing activation code before uninstalling v4 (see KB article);

Site license upgrades

If you are eligible for a free upgrade, please contact us to process your upgrade and update your .lic file.

You will need to follow the steps described in the Obtain your License File section of the site license activation procedure to obtain your updated .lic file for use with your existing license server. This new .lic file replaces your existing .lic file for use with the license server. The new .lic file will allow DesignBuilder v4 and v5 to run so you do not have to immediately upgrade all the installations of DesignBuilder on your network.

…Or a 40% upgrade discount voucher?

Customers who purchased a v4 license before 1 June 2016 are eligible for a 40% discount to upgrade to any v5 software.

If you purchased directly from DesignBuilder UK then please contact us to obtain your discount. 

Click here for v5 software prices.