DesignBuilder 3-D Building Modeller

DesignBuilder state of the art 3-D building modeller
State of the art building modelling

Whether you are creating geometry from scratch, loading it from a BIM model or tracing over a 2-D drawing, DesignBuilder's 3-D Building Modeller makes building models a breeze.

I was looking for a way to improve accuracy and speed up production and found that DesignBuilder is capable of helping me do both. Complex roof structures and multi zone properties can be created so quickly ...

Roy Redhead, RJR Independent Energy Assessors, UK


Design engineers, energy assessors, architects, students, whatever your background, DesignBuilder's state of the art 3-D Modeller user interface is refreshingly easy to use.  Get up to speed in a fraction of the time required for other software so you can complete projects on time and on budget, every time.


3-D Modeller key features

  • Building geometry is described by placing 3-D blocks with options to cut, merge, stretch and scale blocks using simple tools.
  • Walls, floors, roofs, partitions window constructions can all be represented in 3-D.
  • Blocks are can be partitioned up into zones by drawing partitions.
  • Templates provide a quick way to load commonly used data sets into model.
  • Generate impressive rendered images and movies of your building design including the effect of site shading.
  • Once the design is more established and the details of the facade layout are clearer, individual windows, panels, doors, vents etc of any shape can be drawn.


Technical specifications

  • Complex building shapes can be easily created (and subsequently modified) using "Boolean geometry" operations.
  • The modeller gives a satisfying, responsive feel in use through use of the OpenGL graphics system.
  • Hierarchical defaulting allows settings made at the top level of the model (e.g. building level) to be inherited down to blocks, zones and surfaces. In this way a single setting can be applied to the whole model or parts of the model.
  • A range of default facade layouts are provided or users can create their own.
  • 3-D BIM models can be imported from Revit, Microstation, ArchiCAD and SketchUp using gbXML.
  • Building geometry can also be imported from 2-D drawings and then traced over within DesignBuilder to create blocks, partition blocks into zones and to define facades.
  • DesignBuilder models can be exported in gbXML and 3-D DXF formats.
  • Latest ASHRAE worldwide design weather data and locations (4429 data sets) are included with the software and over 2100 EnergyPlus hourly weather files are available free using the DesignBuilder 'Install on Demand' feature. The full list of DesignBuilder hourly weather data can be viewed on the EnergyPlus website.
  • The software comes with UK NCM and ASHRAE construction, activity and schedule databases.
  • Data templates allow you to load common building constructions, activities, HVAC & lighting systems into your design by selecting from drop-down lists.
  • Add your own templates if you often work on similar types of buildings.
  • Zone inner geometry can be derived accurately from the outer zone volumes using actual construction layer thickness for individual surfaces giving you accurate floor areas and zone volumes. Alternative options include using inner or outer measurements to define block dimensions.


All packages include the 3-D modeller

The 3-D Modeller is a core feature of DesignBuilder. If you have a license for any DesignBuilder module or package you are able to use the 3-D modeller.