folder Previous Versions of DesignBuilder

Earlier versions of DesignBuilder that you may need to download for special reasons. Free evaluations are not available for previous versions of DesignBuilder.

For UK EPC and Building Regulations compliance version downloads please visit our SBEM approvals page

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DesignBuilder v5.3.0.014

Suitable for: DSM, EnergyPlus Simulations, Daylighting and CFD

Not suitable for SBEM work

DesignBuilder v5.4.0.021

Suitable for: SBEM, DSM, EnergyPlus Simulations, Daylighting and CFD.

DesignBuilder v5.3.0.004

This release is not suitable for UK SBEM work.

Only use this release if you have specifically been advised by DesignBuilder Support.

DesignBuilder v5.0.3.007

Suitable for: EnergyPlus Simulations, Daylighting, CFD and SBEM

DesignBuilder ** FOR PORTUGAL ONLY **

Special v2 release for use in Portugal only. Please contact NaturalWorks for more information.